Alle Artikel von “Michael Remerich


MAI – chair concept One single mould – entire line of chairs The design of the Armchair MAI is the result of the innovative production of the chair. The idea is based on the use of one single profile to produce the chair-seat as well as the backrest. The converge of these shells generates a novel chair conception. The possibility to combine the profile in different variations allows the production of an entire line of chairs by using one single tool. Material: Plywood / Solid wood   Photography: Julian Lechner  


Gravité – mouthblown vase Form follows gravitation Since thousands of years men deals with the manufacturing of glas. At all times glass was cast, layed, blown and pressed in to shape. This wonderfull material combined with the well known production methods yields an indefinable amount of designs. But I felt much more interested in the charecteristics of the material in its molten state. This fascinating, viscous state in which the glass is situated when it comes, with more than 1400 C°, out of the furnace to be further processed. In the shape of a tube the glass flows at a steel plate and shapes it self due to the condition […]


drope – martini bowl for Bombay Sapphire A Charleston melodie and the picture of an indian drinking bowl in mind was the basis of this design. Bombay Saphire often relies to the origin composition of colonial india. This tradition as well as the great culture influenced the design. In contrast the Martini and the accompanying cocktailglas belong to the late 19th century and the early 20th century. The Martini has become a symbol of this era and the cocktailclas an icon in its time. „Drops“ combines both approaches, the classic conic shape of the Martini cocktailglas based on a drinking bowle. The bowle, splitted in the middle, offers space for […]