Collage 04


Collage – Individuall adjustable shelving system. We are living in currently changing living spaces, life situations and life designs. Surround yourself with a piece of furniture that fits into each of them. Collage grows and fits into all these different circumstances. Concepted for the bathroom but due to its enhacements also useable in the kitchen, livingroom or corridor. The base are several oak-planks arranged in layers and belted by bolts. Those enable the installation of for example a mirror, a blackboard paint shelf, a vase and cup element or a sheet element with magnets. All you need to do is to arrange your enhacements into the layers and secure them […]



stilt- modular shelf one module, endless possibilities Like a child on stilts, the shelf “Stilt” is also standing on special legs. It is an open constructed, modular shelfsystem whose design is based on the use of only one module. The module, reduced to a minimum, can be connected by mortise and tenon and enables an individual building of the shelf system. The boards in two different lengths are plugged in the milled slot of the shelf leg (module) and connected with an extender connector system. Furthermore two different lengths of shelf legs offer even more individual design possibilities. By using i.e. fabrics, a metal backplane or the easy to install […]



crumple – 100% handcrumpled As the marks of a crumpled page never disappear, Crumple preserves the history of its production in a wonderful manner. Simply crumple the noble material instead of handle it delicately, carefully and cautiously. This enables the impression of the terrific refraction of light. Crumple shows in its production the most rudimentary design and still doesn‘t loose it‘s filigree. Material: Fine Silver 999, Fine Silver coated with 18 Carat Gold

Cling Watch


cling – clock and watch concept everything is focused on time Time here, time there… it is all about time! Cling is the creative interpretation of this statement. Foldet around the clock face, the hands appear to float weightlessly and focus the imaginary center point which always based the starting point of all time indication. The arrangement of the clock face by thin lines displaying hours and minutes gives structure to the clock and facilitates easy reading. Both the strap and the corpus consist of rubberized alumiunium, the clock face is covered with refined mineral glas. Material: Aluminium with rubber finish, Mineral Glas Photography: Julian Lechner



silhouette – unique goldring Since more than 2000 years diamonds are used as gemstones. But only in the 14th century the targeted processing started. Soon afterwards, the today well known shape, of the diamond was shown. A headed octahedron.Over centurys the sparkling light play and the „fire“ ,which is the result of the cutting, gave a own symbolism to the headed octahedron. Today, this shape stands for aesthetic,elegance,brilliance and glamour. With Silhouette I wanted to express the symbolism, which is not perceived for the first moment, but awarded by our culture.Material: Gold 585



mai – chair concept One single mould – entire line of chairs The design of the Armchair MAI is the result of the innovative production of the chair. The idea is based on the use of one single profile to produce the chair-seat as well as the backrest. The converge of these shells generates a novel chair conception. The possibility to combine the profile in different variations allows the production of an entire line of chairs by using one single tool. Material: Plywood / Solid wood Photography: Julian Lechner  



gravité – mouthblown vase form follows material Since thousands of years men deals with the manufacturing of glas. At all times glass was cast, layed, blown and pressed in to shape. This wonderfull material combined with the well known production methods yields an indefinable amount of designs. But I felt much more interested in the charecteristics of the material in its molten state. This fascinating, viscous state in which the glass is situated when it comes, with more than 1400 C°, out of the furnace to be further processed. In the shape of a tube the glass flows at a steel plate and shapes it self due to the condition […]



drope – martini bowl for Bombay Sapphire A Charleston melodie and the picture of an indian drinking bowl in mind was the basis of this design. Bombay Saphire often relies to the origin composition of colonial india. This tradition as well as the great culture influenced the design. In contrast the Martini and the accompanying cocktailglas belong to the late 19th century and the early 20th century. The Martini has become a symbol of this era and the cocktailclas an icon in its time. „Drops“ combines both approaches, the classic conic shape of the Martini cocktailglas based on a drinking bowle. The bowle, splitted in the middle, offers space for […]



caps – readymade rings for designbazaar The Caps collection demonstrates a wonderful way to recycle glass. By cutting off their caps, old, worthless bottles were turned into stylish and cheerful rings.



bits – readymade cd cases for designbazaar They are stored in dark basements, dusty and forgotten our floppy disks are still taking care of the data they were entrusted with more than 30 years ago. After watching genius masterpieces such as Pong or Asteroids for such a long time new duties should be assigned. As a CD case they hide even more data, but Pong also survived!