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Clip – Individuall adjustable shelving system. We are living in currently changing living spaces, life situations and life designs. Surround yourself with a piece of furniture that fits into each of them. Clip grows and fits into all these different circumstances. Concepted for the bathroom but due to its enhacements also useable in the kitchen, livingroom or corridor. The base are several oak-planks arranged in layers and belted by bolts. Those enable the installation of for example a mirror, a blackboard paint shelf, a vase and cup element or a sheet element with magnets. All you need to do is to arrange your enhacements into the layers and secure them […]


cling – clock and watch concept everything is focused on time Time here, time there… it is all about time! Cling is the creative interpretation of this statement. Foldet around the clock face, the hands appear to float weightlessly and focus the imaginary center point which always based the starting point of all time indication. The arrangement of the clock face by thin lines displaying hours and minutes gives structure to the clock and facilitates easy reading. Both the strap and the corpus consist of rubberized alumiunium, the clock face is covered with refined mineral glas.


Since more than 2000 years diamonds are used as gemstones. But only in the 14th century the targeted processing started. Soon afterwards, the today well known shape, of the diamond was shown. A headed octahedron.Over centurys the sparkling light play and the „fire“ ,which is the result of the cutting, gave a own symbolism to the headed octahedron. Today, this shape stands for aesthetic,elegance,brilliance and glamour. With Silhouette I wanted to express the symbolism, which is not perceived for the first moment, but awarded by our culture.Material: Gold 585


drope – martini bowl for Bombay Sapphire   A Charleston melodie and the picture of an indian drinking bowl in mind was the basis of this design. Bombay Saphire often relies to the origin composition of colonial india. This tradition as well as the great culture influenced the design. In contrast the Martini and the accompanying cocktailglas belong to the late 19th century and the early 20th century. The Martini has become a symbol of this era and the cocktailclas an icon in its time. „Drops“ combines both approaches, the classic conic shape of the Martini cocktailglas based on a drinking bowle. The bowle, splitted in the middle, offers space […]


Inspired by a gyroscope, our IO mirror is a beautiful decoration piece for the living room and a very useful handheld mirror for your everyday life. It comes along in a 18 cm handheld and a 47 cm floor version made of powder coated aluminium and solid wood. Because of the very pure and clean surface both versions bring a wonderful grafical charme to your home.

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